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My husband and I just LOVED our time with our guides and the people of Egypt. The sites were overwhelming in their beauty and accessibility to the public. It is just astounding that some of the places like Kom Buro and Edfu are not as well known as the Giza pyramids and that the wall murals are in pristine conditions. The hotels were wonderful,the ship was luxurious and the food fabulous. We never felt unsafe at any time. All was welcoming. We definitely would like to come back again!
07 07 2015 - Kathleen   More Egypt & Middle East Complaints

Our guide for the Luxor- Nile Cruise portion of the trip, Mohammed Saad, was outstanding. Very knowledgeable, very flexible and accommodating for our extra side trips. He was easy to understand and had a wonderful personality and was a professional the entire trip. Such a wonderful ambassador for Egypt. Also, our main contact "Mohammed #1", was very good at accommodating us and making sure we were safe and taken care of. Truly a great resource for Kensington Tours. The guide, driver, and "greeter" for Abel Simbel were also good as in the very short time we were with them, they were very professional, efficient and knowledgeable. In fact, all of the drivers were great. This is our second Kensington Tour experience and it was great. Will likely take another in the future.
07 07 2015 - Ginger   More Egypt & Middle East Complaints

Our Egyptian tour was outstanding in all respects. Our guides were the best, we felt very welcome and the Egyptians were anxious to engage us. At all times we felt safe and secure - we hope more Americans will take advantage of this great country.
07 07 2015 - Thomas   More Egypt & Middle East Complaints

Kensinton Tours makes traveling the world enjoyable and stress free!
06 05 2015 - Melissa   More Egypt & Middle East Complaints

The entire trip went without a flaw. Everything lived up to my dreams and Kensington did an outstanding job in arranging tours and guides to exceed our expectations.
07 07 2015 - Cathleen   More Africa Complaints